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vasari lime plaster stucco

Veneziano - A fine creamy lime and marble plaster (like all of our products) made without sand. It can be applied matte or highly polished like marble. Can be use on interiors, some exteriors and shower stalls. Available as a wet or dry mix.

Marmorino - Made with a fine sand to achive more texture and depth. More subtle in variation of color than Veneziano. Available in wet or dry mixes. 

Stucco - Our thickest and  sandiest product especially made for exteriors. It will still have variation and plenty of bang for the buck. Stucco will work just as well for interiors, and only available as a dry mix. 

Lime Wash - Acts like a thin stain / wash over Marmorino or Stucco. Not only does it give plaster more flavor and variation, it's also an ideal way to rejuvenate old exteriors.

Dry Mix - Everything you need to know about mixing dry mix plasters.

Plaster Tools - Trowel, hawk, drill, sand sponge, brush, are all recommended, in addition to wearing gloves and a respirator for safety.

Maintenance - How to clean, fix and seal plaster. Also, a great printout for you or your customers at the end of your jobs.

Colorants, Tints and More - How to tint / color plaster and other stuff.

Creative and Artistic Techiniques - Cool and beautiful stuff you can do with plaster. 

Business Tips - If you have a wall coatings business, this is agreat article on how to make a business from plaster application. A must read for anyone in the trades.

Blog Plastered - Search this blog for lots of updated tips and ideas.

Specs -  MSDS - Material data safety sheets. 


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