Lime Wash 5 Gal. Dry Mix

Lime Wash 5 Gal. Dry Mix

Lime Wash is a  traditional decorative topcoat made to enhance, change or maintain Carrera, Marmorino or Stucco plasters. Lime Wash can give your plaster softer tones or give it more dramatic depth and color.  It can be applied opaque or transulcent.  It can be used on interiors or exteriors. Add our additive for exterior use. Lime Wash can be ordered tinted or left white. Watch our complimentary online video series or read instructions. Check out the Lime Wash gallery.  Always make a test sample before the real thing. 

Coverage:  1500-3000 square feet

Material cost:  $..03  –  $.06 per square foot

Weight:  37 lbs. / 17kg.

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Lime Wash Dry Mix

  • Lime Wash is made from slaked lime and finely ground marble dust and is to be used only as an optional topcoat for Carrera, Marmorino or Stucco.

  • Lime Wash may add subtle color variation, matte or with a subtle sheen and deeper variation of color, opaque or translucent, depending on the application technique.

  • Dry mix will be added to approximately 13 quarts of water for a total of six gallons of mixed product.

  • EASY to apply. FREE online videos on our homepage and youtube to walk you through every step from prep to finish. Our plasters and stucco adhere to most substrates including latex paint, primer and cement, making it perfect for both new construction and remodels.

  • Suitable for interiors or for exteriors and shower stalls when combined with additive. learn more here.

  • Vasari Plaster manufactures the finest healthy, lime based, eco-friendly, non-toxic wall finishes that have no off-gassing (zero VOC) and are hypo-allergenic. Our products offer endless versatility in not only look, feel and texture, but also for both modern and traditional designs.

  • Vasari plaster is durable and gets harder and better looking with age.

  • Natural plaster and stucco filter the air, absorbing carbon dioxide and odors. Mold and fungus resistant, they are easy to fix, clean and easy to change or paint over. Plaster doesn't fade in color, and is UV resistant. Because it’s color integrated, even if it's scratched it still looks great. Our products also absorb excess humidity, keeping rooms cool and fresh inside.

  • GUARANTEED - PREMIUM, NATURAL, AUTHENTIC and BEAUTIFUL Lime Plaster Products. You can tint our products with our standard colors, have us custom match a color, or some people prefer to tint their own products using universal colorants or with the same colorants used to tint latex paint. Some local paint stores are happy to help with tinting as well.

  • All of our products are manufactured in California, USA.

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