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international distribution:

We ship Vasari Plaster anywhere on the plane from the US. Send us an email if you need plaster outside the country. It's cheaper and faster than you might think. We'll make it work for you. We speak English (obviously), French, Spanish and Russian. We'll learn another language if we have to.

Asia distribution If you need our lime plaster and stucco in Asia - China,  Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Indonosia, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam or Cambodia... email

or drop us a line if you a have a more specific


plaster applicators:  If you need the best plasterers in your area, give us a call or check out the list below. We're terrible at keepmg the list updated, so call us and we'll find the best applicator for your area. Alot of these people can easily travel anywhere in the country or overseas if necessary. Let us know. 

Dustin Fargher -  Hawaii, California, Oregon (541) 279-7669

Lorin Hayden - Back Country Builders - Northwest, Midwest -    (541) 480-5860      

Peter Violas - Creative Finishes - Los Angeles, Southern Califonia -  (818) 470-8988

Clauson Drywall  Inc.- Oregon -    (541) 390-6687            

Los Angeles Plastering - (805) 636-5258

Atlanta, Georgia - Florin Zidaru (770) 402-3320

Igor Zaripov - Las Vegas (702) 339-3892


California application - give us a call for any questions on finding the best applicator for your project.(805) 667-8454


a few of our friends:

Asian Sales -

Asian Sales -

African Sales -

Middle East GCC -

Distributor in Florida and the Caribbean -           (954) 565-5900      


 Adoboloco hot sauce -

A brilliant guitar virtuoso whose music we used in our videos:


Some great artists who incorporate our products in their work:


An awesome photographer:



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