there's nothing like real plaster...



  • it's the same, authentic, wall finishes used for thousands of years. 

  • it's beautiful. Known as Venetian plaster, Italian plaster, polished plaster, lime stucco or Tadelakt

  • healthy - lime and marble based, natural, non-toxic, has no off-gassing and hypo-allergenic

  • durable, gets harder with age

  • subtle to dramatic, in any texture, sheen or color

  • affordable - Vasari plaster products start around $.20 per square foot

  • easy to apply, fix, clean and change

  • adheres to latex paint, primer and cement, for new construction and remodels

  • interiors, exteriors, commercial and residential

  • energy efficient - keeps cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter

  • for traditional and modern designs

  • UV resistant - won't fade in color

  • absorbs excess humidity keeping it cool and fresh

  • filters air, absorbing carbon dioxide and odors

  • mold and fungus resistant

  • perfect for showers and everything else

And finally...

Almost all sales are about an emotional connection. It's like falling in love with a car, a pair of shoes or food. Perhaps the deepest connection people have, besides each other, is their home. The place where they wake up and go to sleep. The place where they raise families and where they live out their lives. The place which keeps them warm, safe and dry. The home is the most intimate place you have. 


So how can we establish an emotional connection with you, the architect, designer, contractor or artisan with plaster? What can we say or do to make you think 'my customer or home must have this'. I know many of you become teary eyed from pride after finishing a beautiful wall. It feels good  when the homeowner is overjoyed at what you created.  


What's the thing that will compel you to tell your customers that they'd be crazy to do anything else but plaster?  Ultimately, this is all we have to offer ...


Plaster is beautiful, and you or your customers will be happier.  


    There is a call for lime plaster on almost every project. Some just don't know it yet. 

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